What are the benefits?

Weight loss and reduced stress
Improved strength/flexibility
Stronger immune system
Muscle tone and definition
Increased energy/endurance
Relief from chronic pain
Increased mental clarity
Increased mental strength
Heal and prevent injuries






3525 NE 163 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33160


$69 - enjoy your first month!
(new students only)

$20 - single class

$65 - 1 week unlimited

$135 - monthly auto-renew unlimited yoga (4 mo. contract)

$170 - 10 class pass (valid 6 mo.)

$180 - 1 mo. unlimited

$575 - 5 mo. unlimited (pre-paid)


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What to Expect

Welcome! We couldn’t be happier that you have decided to join us. We guarantee that through a regular yoga practice you will transform your body, change your mind, and improve your life. Just come ready to sweat, smile, and have a good time!

The classes are challenging for everyone in the room (even the most advanced student) so no need to feel nervous or self-conscious. You don’t need to be concerned about your flexibility or fitness level, yoga is for everyone--all ages, shapes, and sizes. Plus, it's called a “yoga practice” for a reason. It's not about looking perfect in the postures, it's just about trying the right way, every time, every class.

Inside the yoga room there is no judgement, no competition, and no criticism. Don’t worry, your fellow students are working way too hard to even notice you! Just listen to your body, breathe, smile, and enjoy.

After your first class come back and take your second class as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. Make up your mind to complete 10 classes as quickly as possible. After these 10 classes you won’t need any further convincing, you will see and feel first hand just how beneficial yoga is. The more often you practice, the better it gets!

  • We start class on time, so please arrive 15-20 minutes before class to register and get familiar with the studio.

  • You will need a mat, large beach towel, and water. We have all of these items and more available to buy or rent so don’t stress if you forget something. Plus, your first time in we loan you a mat and towel.

  • Come well hydrated. Drink plenty of water before class.

  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours before taking class. If needed, a light snack such as fruit 1-2 hours before class is best.

  • Wear cool, comfortable clothing. Any kind of fitted workout gear is fine. Try to avoid sweats or baggy clothing.

  • Most importantly, don’t be nervous! After a few classes and a little practice you will feel right at home.

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